At EES, we design, build, supply, erect and commission sewerage systems and sewage treatment plants, using the latest wastewater technologies that are energy efficient, easy to manage and environmentally friendly.

Balad Seet & Dam

We offer a diverse range of sewage treatment packages from small-compact systems and plants to large plants and modular systems. Our sewage treatment systems are designed to meet the requirements and specifications of our customers for industrial, commercial, government or residential use.

As of 2013, we have 79 plants in operation, ranging in capacity from 5 m3 to 5600 m3 per day. We also operate and maintain a further 48 plants, of which 6 require our entire network maintenance.

Some of our international partners include:

Flovac (Netherlands)

Flovac is a unique sewerage system that uses differential air pressure to clear sewage. It is ideal in rocky areas or areas where there is a high water table in that it requires a maximum of 1.5 m trenching only. It is also well suited to a hot desert environment. Flovac is a relatively maintenance-free system, with a 20-year warranty on the vacuum valves.

Hydroelectrica (Greece)

Hydroelectrica manufactures small sewage treatment plants, known as Bio-Turn. They are easy to transport and are most suitable for small villas, labour camps and military camps.

GLS Tanks International (Austria)

GLS is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and erectors of ‘glass-fused-to-steel’ bolted tanks and silos. GLS designs, manufactures and assembles glass-lined steel tanks, silos and related accessories, and are the only glass-fused steel tank manufacturer that can change or replace panels when required without dismantling the entire tank.

Hydromagx (United Arab Emirates)

Hydromagx and EES have the expertise and skills to provide solutions for many integrated water and wastewater treatment requirements. We are able to provide, at a reasonable cost, customised treatment systems that are easy to operate and have thorough cleaning capabilities. We also provide excellent after sales and maintenance service.

Save Trading (Japan)

EES has an exclusive agreement with Save Trading for the supply of blowers used in sewage treatment plants.

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