Overview and Issues

Bilad Seet is a small village, rich in agriculture, located about 175 km north of Muscat on the northern side of the Hajar range in the Jabal-al-Akhdar mountains.

The village is not easy to get to as it is set high up in the mountains; the only way to reach it is via a wadi in a 4-wheel drive, and only when the wadi is dry. The terrain is extremely hard and rocky with narrow lanes. This makes using a conventional type of gravity drainage sewerage system time-consuming, complex and very expensive.

Balad Seet & Dam

The Solution

Keeping in mind the difficulties of the site, EES, in consultation with the client, proposed a Flovac vacuum sewerage drain system. This is an unusual setting for a vacuum system as it is normally used in coastal areas where there is a high water table. However, the Flovac sewerage system is also perfect for undulating rocky terrain. It can be installed in very shallow trenches (1.5 m max) with narrow working areas as it uses pipes of a small diameter. The pre-setup PE pits are relatively easy to install and Flovac also offers an advanced monitoring system to ensure the easy location of the vacuum pits should there be a mechanical failure.

The Flovac sewerage system at Bilad Seet is made up of 45 vacuum pits that service 165 houses, a school, a mosque and shops, etc. A single vacuum station at the end of the sewerage network system pumps any raw sewage to the sewage plant for further treatment.

At the sewerage plant, the conventional pressure sand filtration system was replaced with a new membrane bioreactor filtration system, which produces bacteria-free, treated sewage effluent. This recycled effluent can be safely used for agricultural purposes, which is ideal as it saves fresh ground water.

The Flovac system has proved to be the best solution for Bilad Seet in that it is relatively environmentally friendly, it was cheaper to install than any other system and the ongoing operating and maintenance costs remain low.

Additional Information

This system was designed and built by EES in conjunction with our principals M/S Flovac Holland for the vacuum system and M/S Norit Holland for the membrane filtration system.

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Bilad Seet is a small village located in the Jabal-al-Akhdar mountains...




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