Overview and Issues

Nizwa Hospital is the largest hospital in the Dhakhiliya region and is about 140 km from Muscat. The hospital has 300 beds and offers the full range of medical services in the specialties and sub-specialties of surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, oncology and laboratory medicine.

A hospital of this size typically produces large quantities of clinical and pathological waste. This waste is contaminated and is often dangerous to people and the environment. It cannot simply be sent to a landfill as it is not biodegradable, it can be infectious, and it contains sharps (sharp objects such as needles and syringes, razor blades, etc).

Balad Seet & Dam

The Solution

In 2000, EES, in consultation with the Ministry of Health, installed two oil-fired incinerators to burn the waste (45 kg per hour). The benefits of these incinerators to the hospital include:

  • A decrease in the volume of the waste
  • Automatic sterilisation of the waste
  • Elimination of any need to pre-process the waste before incineration
  • Incinerated waste can be disposed of in traditional methods, such as in landfills

The fact that the incinerator plant at Nizwa has been in operation since 2000 proves that EES represents principals with proven quality products and backup. EES has also installed newer incinerators operating at Sur, Ibra, Haima and Mirbat, and two are pending at Masirah and Jalan Bani Bu Hassan.


Additional Information

The incinerators – supplied by M/S Facultatieve Technologies UK, whom we represent in Oman – work virtually round the clock without any down time, as the waste generation is a continuous process in the hospital.

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